Title Sequence

"Mark, did you really need to bring me here for this?" whispered Caleb.

"Yes! No one can do the Don LaFontaine voice like you! I said I owe you a favor!"


It was time for the Gender Queery discussion group at the Q Center to begin. The facilitator read the rules (keep confidentiality, respect people's identities, use "I" statements, &c.), and people began to introduce themselves. A man calling himself Augustina said that he identified as a nonbinary transfeminine demigirl and that his pronouns were she or they. A woman named Laura said that she identified as fluidflux and that she took they/them pronouns.

When the circle got around to Mark, he kept silent as Caleb began to narrate: "Ever since puberty, he had fantasized about being more like the women he loved and admired. In a world teeming with the wonders of modern science, fantasy becomes reality ..."

Mark stood up and said proudly, "My name is Taylor Saotome-Westlake, my pronouns are he/him—if only becuase I don't model myself as having a choice in the matter—and as of last week, I am—" he lifted up the side of his shirt a few inches to reveal the estradiol patch, as Caleb finished:

"The man with the nonstandard hormone balance!"

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