Link: "Never Smile at an Autogynephile"

This song is an interesting cultural artifact of the strategy of stigmatization. Lyrics—

Never smile at an autogynephile
No you can't get friendly with an autogynephile
Don't be taken in by his narcissist grin
He's imagining how well he'll fit within your skin

Never smile at an autogynephile
Never meet his eye or stay to talk a while
Turn around, run away, do not join the games he'll play
He wants your place, he'll take your face
That autogynephile

But please be rude and always mock
Or he might show his lady cock
Crossing boundaries makes him smile
That autogynephile

In a purely descriptive sense, this would seem to qualify as "hate speech"—expressing antipathy for a group of people on the basis of sexual orientation. But if so, I count it as evidence for the case that, contrary to popular belief, hate speech is free speech (that is, you can't just exclude "hate" without thereby excluding substantive content): from the standpoint of women fighting a Total Culture War to protect single-sex spaces and the very concept of womanhood itself, it makes perfect sense to demonize the demographic that is, in fact, collectively responsible for your woes. (In a world where autogynephilia as a psychological phenomenon didn't exist "but everything else was the same", there would be no need for a special "gender-critical" resistance strain of feminism to exist; androphilic MtF transsexuals mostly just don't cause problems.)

Just because it makes sense for some people to hate (given the situation they're in) doesn't mean the situation itself isn't sad. I think autogynephilia is a better explanation than "gender identity" for people like me—while I haven't transitioned, I'm obviously the type that would have, had I been born ten years later—and I think it's sad that most of the people who use the word for the thing are ... people who hate us. (Never smile at an autogynephile! Never even meet his eye or stay to talk a while! Please be rude and always mock!)

I don't think it had to be this way. If the hatred is coming from disgust that "he's imagining how well he'll fit within your skin"—well, that doesn't seem negotiable. (We are, in fact, imagining it.) But if the issue is that "crossing boundaries makes him smile"—I don't think that's inherent! You could totally imagine a Society with a designated third-gender role for transsexuals that maintained boundaries for women in some contexts! I think that could be an good Society for everyone to live in (even if trans women from our Society don't find the idea of compromise appealing, because our culture doesn't have the right concepts).

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