Book Endorsement: Phil Illy's Autoheterosexual: Attracted to Being the Other Sex

I'm going to make this a brief "endorsement" rather than a detailed "review", because the most important thing about this book is that it exists. There just doesn't seem to have been a polished, popular-level book-form introduction to autogynephilia/autoandrophilia before!

(Previously, the secondary sources I've referred to most often were Kay Brown's blog On the Science of Changing Sex, and Anne Lawrence's Men Trapped in Men's Bodies, but neither of those is hitting exactly the same niche.)

Readers who are already familiar with the two-type taxonomy might be inclined to pass on a popular-level book, but the wealth of scholarly citations Illy provides (coming out to 65 pages of endnotes) make Autoheteroseuxal a valuable reference even to those who are already approximately sold on the big picture. Consider buying a copy!

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