Diary Entry 42 — Saturday 19 February 2005 (Common Era) — "Tiberious"

Dear Diary,

I remember I have said this before, but in a very long diary as you shall be, some things are bound to be repeated: I wasn't good today, but I wasn't bad, either. I slept very late, until eight. I went to the library in the morning, and I got a book on the United Nations for my history project, and also Great Mambo Chicken & the Transhuman Condition, which I browse-read for a long time today. It was not nearly as good as Eliezer Yudowsky (sp?) made it out to be. Caveat lector, was that the phrase (?), and all that. There were some very interesting parts to it. There was also a good deal I had already heard about. I knew about the wonders of nanotech, and uploading (called "downloading" in the book), and that intelligence that can think forever in a cooling universe via hibernation and slowing of subjective time, and I had heard of Drexler's name, and I had even already read "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom." I think I am done with the book, without actually having formally read through it. Good, anyway, I have other things to do. Future tech stuff gives me hope. Dreams of a technotopia are a lot like religious stories of salvation, except more plausable. The book mentioned this. I remember reading through this kind of lit online before and feeling very comforted, "I Read It on Your Keyboard" running through my mind, knowing that just maybe all these fantastic miracles will happen.

I had an hour-long session with a driving instructor today at 1430, though the guy came ~10 minutes early. He had what had sounded like a German accent to me, but during the first few minutes he was talking to someone on the phone in fluent (it sounded fluent to me) Spanish. I understood most of it, and that made me regret a little that I am not taking Spanish next year. At one point he gave me an instruction and I said "sí." I wasn't trying to be cute; it wasn't intentional at all. It is said that the beginner at a language translates things in eir head to comprehend, while the truly fluent can actually think in the other language.

Mother and Father are going to attend the Goldhaber's—was it an anniversary party?—soon. This means I will possibly get to watch two episodes of Teen Titans in privacy: "Terra" at 1900 and "Employee of the Month" at 2000.

I have done no homework.

I am believing mostly now that there's nothing to be scared of in my world. I have a long way to go. But I am not really bad. There's no Reason in cutting myself, but I always knew that.

It has been raining. I did not run today. Humans continue, much as they always have. Nearly half the four-day weekend has gone.

Things are looking up, and so am I.

Carthage must be destroyed!

[real name redacted]
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